Aïssatou Ciss... Sénégal, b. 1993

Aïssatou Ciss... does not militate, does not hold up any banner: she sets up a debate and reveals a dialogue.

Born in 1993 in Senegal, the photographer Aïssatou Ciss... lives and works between the island of Gorée and Dakar (Senegal). After studying law, she was introduced to photography on film sets. She discovered art photography through the International Contemporary Art Meetings organized by LES ATELIERS SAHM, in Brazzaville.

The themes of identity, transmission and resilience are central to her work. She likes to focus on her native land and does not hesitate to invite the viewer to slow down and contemplate everyday life. Her photos are based on her reality. Aïssatou Ciss... is not a militant, nor does she carry any flag : she raises the debate to open a dialogue. The viewer is free to participate. She carries the values that her parents transmitted her, the nostalgia of her childhood, the resilience that she needed to develop and that she uses every day to create.


With her series Dëkk-Bi, the artist records street scenes and questions the way men and women populate their land. Through her desire to fix on paper the memories she lacks, she dialogues with her models from Brazzaville to Bamako. Each one is given a mirror which they position as they wish, to leave their role as subject and express their freedom as actor. They thus diverts the spectator's eyes towards a world of their own.