Bara Sketchbook Nigerian, b. 1993

"I dedicate this body of work to my Mother, Ajayi who has supported me throughout my journey as an artist, taught me how to open my heart to people and how to do things with love."

Bara Sketchbook

Born in Lagos (Nigeria) in 1993, Toluwanimi Adediran Williams (Bara Sketchbook) is an emerging visual artist based in Kaduna (Nigeria) whose work has strong roots in impressionism and neo-expressionism.
His early works is a documentation of aesthetics which he found in human nature and his experience as a human being. The artist’s strong interest in identity and its relationship with color is part of the reasons why he decided to quit law school to focus solely on making art. He firmly believes that color would have no relevance if not for identity, thus he stages his subjects and renders them in a state that they are not classified by any social structure but are universal.
His most recent works focused on identity with an emphasis on race, from the two points of their existence, birth and death.

In the series ‘Ajayi’s people’, the Artist captures the intricacies of the people through fabrics and the intricate poses of his subjects. Their skin tones are represented in two hues, whereas blue depicts what the people have been through, and purple reveals the rich heritage of the past, as well as the beauty the future holds.

This series is dedicated to his mother, Ajayi, who sadly passed away in late 2020.