Quiétude et Effervescence ....: Alun Be & N'Doye Douts

24 February - 9 April 2022

LouiSimone Guirandou Gallery is happy to start this new year with the artists Alun Be and N'Doye Douts for an unreported duo show.

The photographer Alun Be immerses us in the narrative photography of the African woman while the visual artist N'Doye Douts, animated by his relationship to the neighborhoods of Dakar and the Medina in particular, takes us into the West African effervescence.

Alun Be returns to the gallery with a new series presenting his favorite subject, the woman, under a different perspective. The African woman whose strength, determination and power is showcased with captivating images characterized by their depth and contrasting expressions in the series EVOL. EVOL refers to the term "Evolution", the spirit of Eve in the Garden of Eden and is also a palindrome of LOVE. After centuries of patriarchal oppression, the Woman spirit eventually rises to the fundamental awareness of her true power.

N'Doye Doute, for his part, invites us to make our way through the bustling life of Dakar and its working-class neighborhoods. His painting is above all the deployment of a singular energy, the one that guides his life as an artist, that of Dakar, the capital of Senegal and the Medina, his neighborhood, which constitute the backdrop of his painting.