Découvertes #3: Bara Sketchbook - Cédric Tchinan - Franck Ezan - Nampemanla - Obodjé - Z The Rat

8 July - 28 August 2021

LouiSimone Guirandou Gallery is delighted to present "Découvertes": the Third edition of its summer exhibition. Open window to the young contemporary creation, new universes and diversity characterize this edition with an air of melting pot, bringing together seven artists discovered by the gallery during the past year.

Explorers, bound by their sensitivity to the paths taken by the march of humanity, they have chosen to be artists. Trading an easy comfort for a future as uncertain as singular, they choose to express their commitments and what touches them through art.  They reveal themselves a little more with each line, each brushstroke or photograph in the eyes of others. Thus, the spectator in front of an artwork discovers a part of the history and the soul of the artist in that his aesthetic (or not) choices, his approach and his technique define him in his time.

"Découvertes" showcases a panorama of atypical stories, from the converted law student to the self-taught artist and the fine arts student, young or experienced, united by their passion, these artists come together and reveal through a collective exhibition rich in color.