ArtX Lagos: Online Art Fair

2 - 9 December 2020

LouiSimone Guirandou Gallery is happy to participate in the 5th edition of Art X Lagos. For this virtual edition, from December 2 to December 9, the Gallery will showcase the works of Nu Barreto, Abladé Glover and Essoh Sess on the platforms of ArtX and Artsy.

On this occasion, the gallery highlights the richness of African talent and brings together the works of three generations of artists from the continent.


SESS ESSOH (Ivory Coast)
As a polymorphic artist, Sess Essoh maintains an intimate relationship with words, which he uses systematically in his work. Refusing to be categorized, he deploys a wide range of techniques that he uses to serve a free and unconstrained discourse. Constantly searching for new media, the unusual or ephemeral materials he uses give his works a unique character and a strong emotional charge.

NU BARRETO (Guinea-Bissau)
Through a strong symbolism expressed in shapes, colors and patterns, Nu Barreto draws attention to the many scourges that strike and gangrene his country and the entire African continent. His work is based on a mixed technique combining drawing, collage and recovery.

Woman is one of Ablade Glover's favorite themes and is a recurring theme in his work. He thus approaches the female figure in all its complexity by exploring all its facets and postures: mother, sister, lover, daughter. His knife painting technique blurs the boundaries between abstraction and figuration while bringing a vibrant and lively touch to his compositions.

(Orphélie Thalmas -


Nu Barreto:

Bones (2018) :Threads Acrylic Amulets On Canvas Mounted On Wood 200 X 318 X 5 cm 

Courtesy LouiSimone Guirandou Gallery