FNB Art Joburg: Johannesburg Art Fair online

6 - 18 November 2020

For her first participation at FNB Johannesburg Art Fair, LouiSimone Guirandou Gallery will showcase the artworks of three artists: Nù Barreto, N'Doye Douts and Claudie Dimbeng.

 Each in their own "words", bring up the blurred physical presence of the home country, and sometimes the disarrays of exile, for too many of its youth who has to flee the native patria for this place, this new Home, where they are hopeful of finding a safety condition.

Through a strong symbolic expressed in forms, colors and patterns, Nù Barreto draws attention to the many scourges (poverty, suffering, discrimination ...) that plague his country and the African continent leading so often her youth to the dangerous roads of exile.

The Medina, the Dakar neighborhood of his youth, is the heart of N’Doye Douts' inspiration. It is the home place that his painting explores and transfigures, the colorful entanglements of shapes, materials and colors, the reciprocal contaminations of architecture and life, the lines around which the city that never leaves his mind stretches and floats in space.

 Lastly, Dimbeng's Series: "Behind the Water..." symbolizes the hopes leading to exile, and denounces the distress of the African migrants, especially during the crossing of the Mediterranean Sea and its countless drowning’s.