Franck Ezan Ivorian, b. 1994

Franck Ezan explores the complexity of humanity from both a psychological and physiological point of view. It is from his personal story that he draws the necessary questioning for his creative work. An intimate story, full of experiences linked to a childhood as tormented as it was happy.  

Born in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) in 1994, Franck grew up in an orphanage with his twin brother, also a visual artist. After five years at the National School of Fine Arts in Abidjan, he graduated with a Master 2 in painting in 2020.
His relationship with others, his deep torments and especially his relationship with his brother, his true double in appearance, will be the elements at the origin of the choices that shaped his path and influenced his artistic approach. He draws spectral-looking characters, somewhat lost in a universe of images and symbols, and covers them with lines in the form of fingerprints, the only marks that differentiate him from his twin brother. He sculpts their faces in a translucent substance without specifying their features. But does physical appearance really matter when one lives with his identically reproduced face?

Ezan wants to reinvent the world in his own way, to sublimate it. He creates an enchanted universe, where the generosity of colors and shapes take a singular path and give their poetic character to his works. In his own words, his work "has the vocation to sublimate, to re-enchant a world anaesthetized by doubt and frightened by differences".

Patiently, he develops a work of plastic research and throws the foundations of an approach that he enriches and perfects over the course of his projects.